Hidden Vision

It is a very smart design! This design combines the drawing and television together, so there is no necessity to void a space for television. It uses space wisely.

People can lie in  beds and watch televisions; therefore, they won’t feel painful from the necks if they watch television for a long time. However, if I’m a customer, I’m  afraid the television will fall down, or if I forget to put the television back, I’ll hit it when I get up. I’m also wandering whether I can connect an audio with it.



original website: http://www.hvtvmounts.com/index.html

Multi-propose Pot

For students who live outside or people who are too busy, it is a convenient and functional product. As I mentioned before, I like multi-propose product because one pot can be used in many ways. It is easy to clean and safe because of the smart device. When I saw this product, I wanted to buy it immediately because it is so convenient, and it is not expensive. It saves people’s time and money!

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Wireless Bluetooth Player

The shape is cute, and it has many colours to choose. The sucker stand is quite useful that people do not need to buy a specific object to put their cell phones, and they can play music at the same time. In addition, it is light and easy to use and carry. It can be a decoration too. I like an object which has multi-purpose because comparing to the other same products, people can use more functions in one object, so it is unnecessary to bring lots of stuff. It already has a USB device, but if it also has a plug, it has no limit to be charged.


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Jewelry Box

The reasons I chose this jewelry box rather than other are the color and the design. These colors are attractive and fantastic to girls; unlike other jewelry boxes, the sponges occupy less space in this jewelry box, so it can put many accessories and use the space well. The choice of material makes the quality of product better. However, this kind of material will be dirty easily.

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Double Wall Glass

I like this design because of its shape and function. When I heard someone told me the double wall glass, I thought it might look weird; however, when I saw this product, I totally changed my thought. Designer made this common glass looks more high quality, and this product is made by human needs. It also has entertainment when the drink looks floating in the air. The use of bamboo is eco-friendly. Ultimately, I like this design which combines aesthetic and functionality.

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Tea Diver Infuser

People will feel pleased especially they are working; the shape is cute, and it is easy to use. Light colours make people feel more energetic, so light blue is a good choice. People now have more requirements than before; therefore, people will be happier if they can decide their preferences. I like what it looks, and it is very emotional and functional. The idea is good, but is it easy to clean?

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original website: http://www.audot.com.tw/ct.asp?xItem=211359&ctNode=2013&mp=2&lang

Wall Papers

I think this is a smart design. People do not need to print their wall with the bad smell of paints. In addition, people can stick the stickers into different patterns and different places, and they can also pull it down whenever they want. One thing I consider is the paint on the wall will also be pulled down when people tear down the sticker quickly, and whether it can be used for the second time with its low stickiness.

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original website:  http://tw.search.bid.yahoo.com/search/product;_ylt=AhmeWN1BA4Dn_5pYcTChJQxyFbN8;_ylv=3?acu=0&aoffset=48&cid=24198&clv=1&maxp=&minp=&p=%E5%80%8B%E6%80%A7%E5%A3%81%E8%B2%BC&pg=2&pnew=0&poffset=0&ppd=&property=auction&psz=48&shop=c2c&show=pic&show_flag=0&sort=-bidcnt&srch=item&qrw=0&act=srp