LEDoor Handle

This is design! It’s functional and aesthetic. People
don’t know when will natural disasters happen, and every time when it happens
especially at night, many people become nervous, fearful, and anxious to get
out of their rooms, and some accidents happen during this time. Therefore, it’s
nice to have a LEDoor handle to find the direction and use it as a flashlight,
and people don’t need to worry there are no batteries inside. However, it will
be perfect if it can be adjusted the lightness of the LED light because some
people prefer to sleep without lights. This is a human-centered design which
improves people’s lives.

led_doorhandle2 led_doorhandle3 led_doorhandle4 led_doorhandle5

website: http://www.yankodesign.com/2011/08/03/enchanting-doorlight/

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