Ostrich Pillow

When I first saw this design, I thought it was
so weird but interesting; however, who will wear this in a public place? If
someone wears this in a public place, this person must be a cynosure
immediately. After thinking for a while, it is actually a good design. Although
the shape makes people look funny, it is very functional. People feel tired
sometimes, and when they want to take a short nap, some of them don’t want
others to see their sleeping positions, so this ostrich pillow comes in handy
at this time; it also creates a little
private space within a public one. I t is very useful especially taking an
airplane; the neck is very painful when having a long distance journey, and
this product can make you feel more comfortable. In short, the shape doesn’t
look charming, but it has functionality.

Ostrich-Pillow Ostrich-Pillow-1 890c634b860b4edcdce1c862a87fb6f4_large

website: http://kubashi.com/design/introducing-the-ostrich-pillow/

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