A bag for substitute teacher

The key considerations are the materials, the size, the
comfort, the functionalities and users’ needs. The key challenges are how to
find the ideal materials, how much do I know about these materials, and do the
ideal materials I find conform to users’ expectation.

There are some ispirations

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Concept and Design:

For substitute teachers, they need a big, solid bag which can put the textbooks, teaching materials and their personal objects, so here is my concept. I would like to design a tote bag which is 50cm length, 20cm width and 35cm height; beside the bag, there are two small open bags that can put pens and an umbrella. Teachers need pens to mark and comment on students’ works, so it will be convenient for them to take the pens; when it is raining, people always need to open and close umbrellas frequently, so a small bag beside the tote bag is also convenient to place. Opening the tote bag with a zipper, there are three small bags on one side, and another secret bag on the other side. Substitute teachers who take transportation can put their bus tickets in the small bags, so they do not need to find them within much stuff. For another two small bags, they can put keys or cell phones which might be taken many times a day. Inside the middle of the bag, there is a divider which is also a bag with zipper. This bag divides the tote bag into two parts; therefore, substitute teachers can separate different kinds of objects, and they can put their personal stuff into this bag because people can not steal thing easily from it. The straps should be soft and comfortable; I would like to put something like sponge or thick fabric into straps, so they will not rub the shoulders painfully. The length of straps is 30cm, and the stitches should be thick and strong enough to hold the whole bag. At the back of the tote bag, there is also a secret bag with zipper. The material I chose for this bag is leather because leather is waterproof, and I want more straight and solid leather to support the weight especially at the bottom, so the heavy stuff will not hang down. There are several kinds of leather I consider to use such as Russia leather, Belting leather or Bycast leather. Russia leather is hard-wearing, flexible and resistant to water; Belting leather is thick, firm and smooth; Bycast leather has a much more consistent texture, and it is easier to clean and maintain.

Here is my design

DT bag1


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