MindRDR and Google Glass

After Google Glass, London-based design made a software and combined it with an EEG biosensor headset.  The app, MindRDR, “lets you activate Google Glass’ camera shutter using nothing but your thoughts.” The Google Glass will be acted after the app identifies people’s brainwave. Therefore, if people want to take a picture, they just need to think; they don’t need to press the button! Moreover, people can use the same way to share their photos on social networks and “use the system to navigate the UI.” It wants to develop more functions and “control more features of the Google Glass interface.”


After my classmate, Cody Botto-B, introduced Google Glass to us, I think it’s a very interesting and avant-garde product.  This new invention is a good idea. People use their thoughts to control  things, and it might trigger a revolution in technology. Imaging that people set there and do nothing, but actually their heads are sending emails, having a meeting, or doing online shopping. However, I expect more functions from this device because if  a headset can only take pictures and navigate the UI, I  probably won’t buy it; Google Glass is good enough for me, and I don’t need to wear another device on my head. There is room for improvement, but I have high expectations for this product.

Link: http://www.coolthings.com/google-glass-mindrdr/



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