Project 1 proposal

The students need to find a produce and design a series of three products which are related to a specific group of people. The produce I chose is lemon. My audiences are elderly people who need more helps in our society. The number of seniors increase greatly every year in Canada, but many products are not suitable for them, so I hope I can design some products which make their lives better. My designs are water bottle, cushion, and slippery hand.

Some seniors’ hands are not strong enough to hold a mug, so I want to design a water bottle which is soft and lighter. The water can only be poured in the bottle, but it won’t spray out from the mouthpiece. The water bottle is like a peel which stores the water; the juice and pulp also support the shape of the fruit; same as water which supports the shape of the bottle.

The second design is a cushion. Some leather sofas are slippery for some seniors. Their legs are not strong enough to support their bodies, so their bottoms slip from the back to the front, and then they might fall from the sofa. Therefore, the surface of the cushion is skid proof with small pellets, and the inside material is memory foam, which changes the shape when people move.

The slippery hand is to help seniors move their hands smoothly. People’s skin gets drier with age, so the handles become an obstacle to their movement. It’s a slippery glove, but it has a small skid proof pad in front of wrist, so seniors won’t fall down if the glove is too slippery, and the speed is too fast. Yellow symbolizes vitality; when they move more quickly, they seem to be younger.


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