Reese Terris’ Creative Mornings Talk

On Friday morning, our class went to Creative Morning and had a speech. The speaker was Reese Terris. He has many experiences and works, and he has his own way to think and design. I like his works such as Bridge and Ought Apartment.

People can see different styles of interior design in different periods of time from one place, and they are so detailed that makes people feel that they are living at that time. The design is amazing.

3_1950frontview 12_1980_1990_2000

He also gets people together and provides more communications with his neighbors. Nowadays, people usually communicate with friends on social network or electronic devices; the advanced technology gives them less opportunities to meet with their friends or other people. However, Reese Terris gives his neighbor and his family an new access to communicate and  get closer. It is not just a bridge which people pass through; it is a bridge which starts a communication and builds a relationship with other people.

BR00002w1 00042baw1

He gives me a new way to think. Design doesn’t have limitation or rules, and things can be used in different ways; they might create a new meaning, function, feeling, or environment that you won’t expect. I need to think out of the box in order to make things different, and that is very important to a designer.

Images from : Reese Terris

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