Project 1 Concepts

After the discussion of last week, I changed my designs, and I changed the fruit as well. In order to design a series of pillow, I chose peach to extend my designs. This is the second round of my ideas and sketches.


The first one is a neck pillow which is mainly for people who take planes. Most of the neck pillows we see on the market have a same width, but that isn’t ergonomic. When people’s heads are lopsided, the height from head to neck and the height from head to shoulder are different. Therefore, my design is to add two little stands to support people’s necks and provide comfort.

The second one is a pillow for mom and baby. Mom’s pillow is like a very mature peach; the fabric is quite soft. The baby’s pillow is a little bit solid in order to support baby’s neck; its texture is like a peach which is becoming mature. The shape of mom’s pillow fits body shape; baby falls asleep when they smell mom’s smell, so their pillows are side by side.

The third one is for people who sleep on the table. I believe many people have this kind of experience which is when you are sleeping on your hands or arms, your hands or arms feel numb after you wake up, so this pillow has two places where people can put their hands in order to prevents numbness from sleeping.

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