Final Design of Project 1

After the second round of discussion with class, I changed my fruit back to lemon because Iemon has more aspects to extend than peach, so I made the third round sketches. This is a series of cushion.

I kept the previous idea for the first cushion. It is a non-slippery cushion. It has grains on both surfaces in order to add friction, and the fabric is waterproof, just like the peel of lemon. The ideal materials are plastic, silicone, and polyurethane foam.There are seldom functional cushions for children and seniors on the market, so I want to design a cushion which is beneficial to them. The main feature of this cushion is it adds friction between chairs or sofas and people.

The target market is children who are from 8 months to 7 years old and the seniors. Children learn sitting from around 8 months, and their spines have three natural curves to support their bodies as adults when they are around 7 years old. According to a statistic, the muscle strength reduces 20% to 30% between 60 to 90 years old people; therefore, seniors’ legs do not have enough strength to support their bodies. Some of them slip from the back of the sofa to the front, and it might cause physical injuries if they fall.

Cushion 1(fabric) sofa final

My second idea is a huge lemon cushion. It has the similar structure as lemon. This huge cushion is consisted of several pieces of cushion; their combination holds the shape of this huge cushion. The materials will be made by cotton and polyurethane foam as well. This cushion can also be a decoration.

My target audience is Japanese restaurants. It is their traditional culture; in the past, Japanese houses were usually low; they didn’t have beds, so they slept on the floor, and they set on the floor as well because they didn’t have chairs either. A statistic shows that in metro Vancouver, there are more than 600 Japanese restaurants; therefore, it is a big market. The lemon cushion has different sizes; if people have a family reunion, they fit for both children and adults. Moreover, the lemon cushion is also a corner decoration.


My third idea is a foldable cushion. It has a case which has a cushion inside. People zip the case and unfold the cushion which has a special mouth, and people turn the mouth to get the air into the cushion automatically. If people want to put the cushion back to the case, they press the air out of the cushion and fold it in half 3 times, and they can take it away with them. The materials will be PVC, high density sponge, and plastic. This fordable cushion is bright yellow because yellow symbolizes vitality and power.

The target audience will be people who like outdoor activities, especially for a group of people. It’s light and easy to carry, and it’s waterproof, so people do not need to worry if it rains or the ground is wet.


The process of experiment. I used a non-slippery pad and a waterproof fabric; both of them are plastic. I wanted to see what is the best way to stick two materials together.

Way 1: Ironing two materials to stick them together, but the pad became flat and slippery

P1 I3

Way 2: Using hot glue, but wasn’t sustainable

P1 I2

Way 3: Using hot glue on the surface of non-slippery pad; the hot glue was too rigid after dry


Way 4: Using rubber sealant, but wasn’t sustainable


Way 5: Using contact cement, it stuck two materials very well


Way 6: Using rubber cement; the stickiness between two materials were okay


Way 7: Putting rubber cement on the fabric and rubber sealant on the rubber cement; unsustainable


Final prototype: I put contact cement on the fabric. Waiting until the cement almost dry, I stuck two materials together and sewed the shape of the cushion. Then, I put the polyurethane foam inside the cushion and closed the edge.

IMG_3985 IMG_4010 IMG_4011

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