An Exhibit in Science World

On October 24, our class went to Science World. It’s a place, where provides knowledge, fun, theory, global issues, and creativity for people, especially for children.

It’s a water exhibit; the scale is around 6X2 feet. This exhibit contains software and hardware. The material are metal, plastic or acrylic.

This exhibit has an interactive platform. People choose four foods they like, and the machine calculates how much water do these four food need to be produced. The bathtubs will filled up with water, so people can see how much water is used. Therefore, more bathtubs are filled up more water is used. I think the target market is children, but if their parents are accompanying with them, they will be surprised at the result as well. One good thing is children have to operate the machine and read the words in order to see the result, so they might get some information form this exhibit, and it’s interesting to see the bathtubs fill up one by one.

For children, I don’t think they realize what message it’s delivering, but I think adults will be impressed by the result. For example, when I was operating the machine, I was surprised that four foods consume several bathtubs’ water. Therefore, parents can teach their children not to waste food and try to save water. It’s successful for adults but not actually for children.



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