Vancouver Biennale’s Open Air Museum

I like the A-maze-ing Laughter. it is installed beside the beach where people go there and relax. Moreover, this installation is at the intersection of beach, stores, and restaurants, so many people pass by. It provides people more fun and entertainment. It has 14 figures, and each of them has different pose and look, so people imitate their poses and take pictures. I think this installation is successful because of their funny poses and looks, which get people’s attentions, and all the people can engage with these figures.


Love Your Beans is installed at Charleston Park, which is along the creek. It has three giant beans with different colours, so they make this park more colourful. They also provide fun for children. Children are usually exciting when they see three giant stuff on an empty ground; furthermore, they have different colours, and they are shiny.  These characteristics get people’s attentions immediately. Although children don’t know what is it, they climb and play around them. It might be successful for children but not for adults. Adults might just take a photo and leave, and they are a bit too high for some children. Therefore, they can lower the height of the beans and install more beans which have different colours and sizes around the previous three.


Images :

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