Project 1 proposal

The students need to find a produce and design a series of three products which are related to a specific group of people. The produce I chose is lemon. My audiences are elderly people who need more helps in our society. The number of seniors increase greatly every year in Canada, but many products are not suitable for them, so I hope I can design some products which make their lives better. My designs are water bottle, cushion, and slippery hand.

Some seniors’ hands are not strong enough to hold a mug, so I want to design a water bottle which is soft and lighter. The water can only be poured in the bottle, but it won’t spray out from the mouthpiece. The water bottle is like a peel which stores the water; the juice and pulp also support the shape of the fruit; same as water which supports the shape of the bottle.

The second design is a cushion. Some leather sofas are slippery for some seniors. Their legs are not strong enough to support their bodies, so their bottoms slip from the back to the front, and then they might fall from the sofa. Therefore, the surface of the cushion is skid proof with small pellets, and the inside material is memory foam, which changes the shape when people move.

The slippery hand is to help seniors move their hands smoothly. People’s skin gets drier with age, so the handles become an obstacle to their movement. It’s a slippery glove, but it has a small skid proof pad in front of wrist, so seniors won’t fall down if the glove is too slippery, and the speed is too fast. Yellow symbolizes vitality; when they move more quickly, they seem to be younger.


Reflection of “Snoop: What Your Stuff Says About You”

” Snoop: What Your Stuff Says About You” is written by Sam Gosling. The stuff you use, and the environments surround you express who you are. In chapter one, there are three ways to analyze a person; they are identity claims, feeling regulators, and behavioral residue. Now, I’m going to show you the evidences, which analyze myself under these three categories.


This stuff is under identity claims. The blue shirt is a memento of Vancouver Marathon. Although I didn’t run on that day, but I was the volunteer. People who wore this shirt offered helps to the runners. Helping people makes me feel happy, and I  know I have ability to do something for this society.

The black shirt keeps me reminding I was a member of class F42B of Wenzao Ursuline University of  Languages. We had be in a same class for five years. I’ve made my best friend and good friends; we held many activities together, and we created an amazing memory in school life. Therefore, it is very important  for me to prove that I’ve been in a lovely group in my life.

The pink sun glasses shows that I’m a student of Kwantlen Polytechnic University, which is the first school I go to after I came to Canada. Kwantlen changes my life and thoughts; it gives me a new environment I had never experience before; it makes my dream came true, and it gives me many challenges to learn and conquer.

The white badge was an evidence of being another volunteer. Picking up the garbage and planting the trees provide us a better environment to live, and I hope everyone knows that we’re living in a same place, so we have responsibility to protect it.

DSC_4300 DSC_4305

These photos belong to feeling regulators. They describe the important people in my life. The first picture is one of the walls in my bed room, and the second picture is the cards and photos my friends sent to me. They include my family and friends. They remind me that my families and friends are supporting me although they’re not here. My friends here have helped me a lot; we have a small class, but we’re like a family! They’re placed in front of my bed, so I can see them when I wake up.


These two pictures belong to behavioral residue. I like to put same or similar objects together because it’s more organized and easier to find them. For example, all the folders are placed at the bottom, and different kinds of books are placed in different levels. Basically, I prefer everything has its own place, and I don’t want to spend time looking for something, especially I need it immediately. Even though I have a lot of papers on the desk, they are piled up together.

MindRDR and Google Glass

After Google Glass, London-based design made a software and combined it with an EEG biosensor headset.  The app, MindRDR, “lets you activate Google Glass’ camera shutter using nothing but your thoughts.” The Google Glass will be acted after the app identifies people’s brainwave. Therefore, if people want to take a picture, they just need to think; they don’t need to press the button! Moreover, people can use the same way to share their photos on social networks and “use the system to navigate the UI.” It wants to develop more functions and “control more features of the Google Glass interface.”


After my classmate, Cody Botto-B, introduced Google Glass to us, I think it’s a very interesting and avant-garde product.  This new invention is a good idea. People use their thoughts to control  things, and it might trigger a revolution in technology. Imaging that people set there and do nothing, but actually their heads are sending emails, having a meeting, or doing online shopping. However, I expect more functions from this device because if  a headset can only take pictures and navigate the UI, I  probably won’t buy it; Google Glass is good enough for me, and I don’t need to wear another device on my head. There is room for improvement, but I have high expectations for this product.



Sun-Dialing All McDonald’s Customers


This is a successful advertisement! Most of the people eat breakfast everyday, and sometimes they haave no

idea what are they going to have for tomorrow’s breakfast, at least it’s a problem for me. Everyday after waking

up, the first thing comes out of my head is ” what can I eat this morning?”  Therefore, this advertisement gives

people some advice  that what can people eat at that  time, and an important thing is people come and buy the food. The indicator is

also McDonald’s sign which makes this ad more interesting and provides people good moods at the beginig of the day.



Sweet Social Seating!





I love this chair! The colour is conspicuous, the shape is morden, and the chairs are functional. It’s a good place to rest,  to read, and to do your stuff. Some museum do not have many seats, so after people walking for a while, they have no place to take a rest, so it’s smart to put this amazing chair in the museum. It also presents creativity, esthetics, and art which have the same ambiane as museum.


Timed Ring




This is a very cool design. Combining watch and ring together so that people do not need to wear watches!

Almost every one has cell phones now, so many people check the time on their phones; they don’t wear watches anymore;

however, people don’t need to take out their phonesthis because this timed ring already has this function. Some of mine considerations

are  the material, shape, and charge. The gray metal one is fine, but the white one looks like plastic; it loses some value and quality;

for me, the shape is more masculine although it has white colour. I might look like the Iron Man after wearing it.

Another consideration is how to charge the ring, and is it waterproof?



Honeycomb chairs

In my Design Methods and Materials’ class, I had to do a street furniture, so I was wondering to design a chair. First I had some ideas:

DSC_0884 The blue with brown one is a honeycomb chairs which can be moved separately; the one under it is a pillar with four chairs around four sides, and each chair can be extended to three chairs, so it can fit more people, and the umbrella above the pillar is to keep the rain off; the one on the right hand side is also a chair which has a bird nest as a huge light and decoration. The pillar is octagonal, so except the four original chairs, the other four can be pulled out from the pillar to extend the chair.

DSC_0885 DSC_0886 This is a bench with two human figures; the main idea is to make this street furniture more lively and interesting. The same concept as the previous one, the umbrella is to keep the rain off, but inside the umbrella, there is a light to provide brightness at night.

Then I fond some inspirations:

Dimensions 10.75”W x 10.75”H x 3.75”D 390c1e43cc7b8d4bffbff3c642e55ef9 honeycomb-modular-furniture-system-by-nydadesign2 honeycomb-modular-furniture-system-by-nydadesign3 honeycomb-modular-furniture-system-by-nydadesign6

Here is my model, it’s 1:15.

This honeycomb chair can be divided into individual chairs and group chairs; both of them can be opened, so people can put their stuff in them, and the individual chairs can also be pulled up as tables. The reason to chose honeycomb shape is because it’s organic and natural, and I would like it be placed in parks, so there is a demonstration underneath.

DSC_0865 DSC_0866 DSC_0867