A bag for substitute teacher

The key considerations are the materials, the size, the
comfort, the functionalities and users’ needs. The key challenges are how to
find the ideal materials, how much do I know about these materials, and do the
ideal materials I find conform to users’ expectation.

There are some ispirations

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Concept and Design:

For substitute teachers, they need a big, solid bag which can put the textbooks, teaching materials and their personal objects, so here is my concept. I would like to design a tote bag which is 50cm length, 20cm width and 35cm height; beside the bag, there are two small open bags that can put pens and an umbrella. Teachers need pens to mark and comment on students’ works, so it will be convenient for them to take the pens; when it is raining, people always need to open and close umbrellas frequently, so a small bag beside the tote bag is also convenient to place. Opening the tote bag with a zipper, there are three small bags on one side, and another secret bag on the other side. Substitute teachers who take transportation can put their bus tickets in the small bags, so they do not need to find them within much stuff. For another two small bags, they can put keys or cell phones which might be taken many times a day. Inside the middle of the bag, there is a divider which is also a bag with zipper. This bag divides the tote bag into two parts; therefore, substitute teachers can separate different kinds of objects, and they can put their personal stuff into this bag because people can not steal thing easily from it. The straps should be soft and comfortable; I would like to put something like sponge or thick fabric into straps, so they will not rub the shoulders painfully. The length of straps is 30cm, and the stitches should be thick and strong enough to hold the whole bag. At the back of the tote bag, there is also a secret bag with zipper. The material I chose for this bag is leather because leather is waterproof, and I want more straight and solid leather to support the weight especially at the bottom, so the heavy stuff will not hang down. There are several kinds of leather I consider to use such as Russia leather, Belting leather or Bycast leather. Russia leather is hard-wearing, flexible and resistant to water; Belting leather is thick, firm and smooth; Bycast leather has a much more consistent texture, and it is easier to clean and maintain.

Here is my design

DT bag1


Bluetooth Laser Virtual Keyboard

It is a smart design. It is a new technology that I thought
we can only see in the movies; however, it is invented in the real life. People
can only carry it without a bulky keyboard to everywhere. This projection
keyboard is very sensitive although it is a new invention. The battery lasts 2
to 3 hours that I think it is a drawback; maybe it can have a USB device, so
people can plug it into their laptops with no worries. This complete new
invention might get some challenges because some people are not habitual without
the actual keyboard, so it might take some time to make sure its position and
user group in the market.



website: http://www.magiccubestore.com/index.php/projection-keyboard-innovation

Ostrich Pillow

When I first saw this design, I thought it was
so weird but interesting; however, who will wear this in a public place? If
someone wears this in a public place, this person must be a cynosure
immediately. After thinking for a while, it is actually a good design. Although
the shape makes people look funny, it is very functional. People feel tired
sometimes, and when they want to take a short nap, some of them don’t want
others to see their sleeping positions, so this ostrich pillow comes in handy
at this time; it also creates a little
private space within a public one. I t is very useful especially taking an
airplane; the neck is very painful when having a long distance journey, and
this product can make you feel more comfortable. In short, the shape doesn’t
look charming, but it has functionality.

Ostrich-Pillow Ostrich-Pillow-1 890c634b860b4edcdce1c862a87fb6f4_large

website: http://kubashi.com/design/introducing-the-ostrich-pillow/

Style Air Purifier

Different to the traditional
air purifier, this design looks high-tech and advanced. It occupies little
space, but it has completely functionality. The blue light makes people feel relaxed,
and it provides a little romantic ambiance. It is a kid-friendly design which considers
the user group. It is easy to clean, it is reusable, and it consumes low energy,
so we can say it is an eco-friendly product which is a big issue now. The shape
is simple but modern and aesthetic; the transparent material makes a
burden-free environment. I think it is a very marketable product because more
and more people are allergic to the air, and people care much more about their
health in these days. Eventually, I think it is a successful design.

3061 1526437_829x829_scale_90

website: http://www.lightair.com/products/style/1534940-style-webshop

Terrace Chair

Sometimes people want to
sit outside at night, but it’s too dark if they want to read or talk to friends,
so they are obliged to stay inside. This chair provide lightness in the
darkness; although is not very light, it helps a lot. The angles are round, the
seat looks comfortable, and the shape looks cute, so I think females will like
it. The light also provides safety at night. However, I’m curious where is the
light from? Does it have a switch or do we need to charge it?

Lovely-terrace-chair4 terrace_chair terrace_chair2 terrace_chair3

website: http://www.yankodesign.com/2011/08/29/terrace-chair-is-illuminating/

LEDoor Handle

This is design! It’s functional and aesthetic. People
don’t know when will natural disasters happen, and every time when it happens
especially at night, many people become nervous, fearful, and anxious to get
out of their rooms, and some accidents happen during this time. Therefore, it’s
nice to have a LEDoor handle to find the direction and use it as a flashlight,
and people don’t need to worry there are no batteries inside. However, it will
be perfect if it can be adjusted the lightness of the LED light because some
people prefer to sleep without lights. This is a human-centered design which
improves people’s lives.

led_doorhandle2 led_doorhandle3 led_doorhandle4 led_doorhandle5

website: http://www.yankodesign.com/2011/08/03/enchanting-doorlight/

The Rising Chair

I very like this design idea and how is it made.
Just like Robert van Embraces uses simple materials and makes complex and
esthetically form, it is more difficult to produce a nice design product
because you have to think clearly how does every part work together rather than
combining many different kinds of materials to make a product. Although it is a
piece of wood, it has both functionality and aesthetic; the shape is very
modern, and the pattern is attractive. Moreover, it is easy to move and collect
because it is a piece of wood!

Interesting-The-Rising-Chair-comfortable-chair-588x726 Interesting-The-Rising-Chair-concept-588x604 rising-furniture-chair1 rising-furniture-chair2 rising-furniture-side-table1 rising-furniture-side-table2

website: http://www.5election.com/2013/09/01/rising-furniture-by-robert-van-embricqs/